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On-site Lab and Ultrasound

Our office offers on-site laboratory services through BioReference Laboratories/GenPath Women’s Health. The phlebotomist will put you at ease, draw your blood and/or collect any specimens, and get you on your way quickly.


BioReference Lab Portal

The laboratory is now at your fingertips with the BioReference patient portal. Access your most recent laboratory reports, review previous results, pay your bill, and update your insurance information – all online. Enrolling in the BioReference patient portal is easy just go to:

After enrollment is complete, you’ll be able to view your invoices, view your recent laboratory reports, review previous results, pay your bill and update your insurance information.

For more accurate results, some tests need to be done fasting before having your blood drawn. For FASTING TESTS, do not eat or drink anything for a minimum of 12 hours prior to your exam.

Insurance plans vary and each policy has a specific coverage including laboratory participation. While most tests are covered by insurance, we encourage our patients to contact their insurance carrier before having the test done. Please alert the phlebotomist if your lab specimen needs to be sent to Labcorp or Quest. Otherwise, BioReference will be the lab of choice.

If you are pregnant, please be aware that certain services received throughout your pregnancy may not be covered by your health insurance plan. Different providers of service will file a claim for prescribed services (such as ultrasounds, lab work, special genetic testing, etc.) with your insurance company. However; if your insurance company fails to pay for the services your receive, you may be held financially responsible.  Keep in mind that many of these tests are not medically necessary but optional.

Be familiar with your health insurance benefits and coverage since you may be held financially responsible for non-covered services.

For any questions regarding BioReference/GenPath please choose from the following links:
For any other issues please call the phone number listed on your bill.

Ultrasound Services (Arlington Location Only)

The capture of images and the interpretation of these images are done by Ultrasound Partners under the guidance of Dr. Lawrence Israel.

If you are pregnant, please be aware that some insurance companies will only cover one ultrasound per pregnancy. Subsequent ones may not be covered. And, be aware that Nuchal Translucency is not a medically necessary test (it is optional) and some insurance companies will not pay for it.

Ultrasound partners contracts with Quantum Medical for the processing of claims related to the image capturing and the interpretation of your study.

Any billing questions or concerns should be directed to Quantum Medical at 1-800-846-7978. The staff at Healthcare for Women is not involved in the billing process of your ultrasound services; thus, they cannot answer nor help with concerns regarding your claim or bill.