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Medical Records

Healthcare For Women Medical Records and Confidentiality

A federal law known as HIPAA protects patient privacy and prohibits us from disclosing or discussing personal information or treatment regarding a patient without the patient’s written authorization. Therefore, we must always speak with the patient regarding the care we provide, billing, medications, etc. unless there is a written authorization on file. This applies to children/adults/spouses/partners – no exceptions.  Verbal authorizations are not acceptable.

Healthcare For Women Medical Records is the property of the medical practice. Virginia State Law requires that requests for a copy of a patient medical record are made in writing. This request must be HIPAA compliant and must identify the patient including date of birth, current address, and signature.  Include where the records are to be sent with full name and complete address with the request. Please allow 10 business days for medical records processing. A fee applies to copying, mailing, and storing medical records.

If you request medical records, please mail your request to us at

Medical Record Release Form