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United Healthcare Insurance Notice

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FROM HEALTHCARE FOR WOMEN, PC – Insurance Acceptance with United Healthcare

August 31, 2020

Dear Patient:

We know that you have many choices when it comes to health care, and we are honored that you have chosen to partner with us on your journey to health and wellbeing. It is therefore with a heavy heart that we write to inform you that effective October 1, 2020, we will no longer accept United Healthcare insurance.

Please understand that this decision was not made lightly and that we are aware of the inconvenience this will cause you as a United Healthcare insured patient. However, our last contract negotiation with UHC was in 2005, 15 years ago and despite exhaustive efforts on our part to work with them on fair reimbursement, we have been unable to come to an agreement for the care and services we provide.  At a time when physicians are on the front lines of a pandemic, their reimbursement remains below the standard of any other insurer, including Medicare. That being said, UHC is having an amazing year with profits in the second quarter of $6.7 billion.   

With inadequate reimbursement, we are then forced to see more patients at the same time confines. We have built our practice and reputation by consistently providing the highest quality, personalized care, so when faced with the choice to part company with an insurer or compromise on standards of care, the choice is clear. We simply refuse to provide our patients with anything less than exceptional medical care.

However, should UHC return to the table with an agreement that does not force a compromise to either our values or standards, we will of course be open to resuming our relationship.

If you are upset about this change, please contact UHC and let them know.  Our focus on treating our patients and their families with dignity has not changed.  Sadly, United Healthcare has put our practice in a very difficult situation, and we refuse to provide our patients with anything less than exceptional medical care. 

You may also direct all questions and concerns to your HR Department, Broker, or the UHC Member Service Number on your card. We appreciate your patience during this transition time.

It has been our privilege to serve you, and we thank you for being a Healthcare for Women patient.


Amy E. Porter, M.D.
Ingrid M. Winterling, M.D.
Ji Eun Paik, M.D.
Nicole A. McClendon, M.D.
Bridgett L. Casadaban, M.D.